CONTOUR BRUSH – MY FAVORITE CONTOUR BRUSH – Hi loves! Today I show you my new bargain. It wasn’t expensive and it deserves the title „product of the month“. It’s a new contour brush. I’ve already tested a lot of different contour brushes and I was never 100% satisfied but this product won my heart!

I’m talking about the contour brush from ebelin. It is actually a highlighter brush but it fits perfectly into the indentations under my cheekbones this is why I’m using it as a contour brush. My opinion is, no matter what you use, if it’s expensive or cheap, even if you don’t use it like you’re supposed to use it, if it improves the result why not? The contour brush was 5,95€ which I think is totally fine for a brush, but it loses a lot of hair this is the only small minus point.

I always use the contour powder from my NYX contour and highlight pro palette. For a party makeup or to define the contour I sometimes also use the darkest shade. I hope one day I will find a more muddy contour shade to contour my face.

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In conclusion I can say that I don’t regret the purchase of this brush. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time, sometimes you have to be a little bit creative and sometimes you also have to let go of what people tell you is right or wrong.

Because doing makeup also means creativity right?

I hope you liked this post and that it was helpful for you. Maybe I could also convince you of my new top beauty product.



LOVE, Tatjana


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